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Sunday, June 21, 2009

Ghost in Street View... in Barcelona

Here we can see an apparently normal girl in a white t-shirt. But.. what if we move ahead a little bit?

360º picture in Google Street View

If we move one picture ahead, then we see the girl reflected on the glass, but ... she is wearing a red t-shirt!

360º picture in Google Street View

Is this girl a ghost? Is the red in her t-shirt really blood? Maybe she died due to a badle prepared recipe in the anciente pharmacy she is looking at? Is she condemned to walk around the Pharmacy for eternity?

I only would like to remind that the Street View cameras incorporate very advanced technoloy and can see things that the human eye cannot, like infrarred vision or laser beams to calculate distances.

The truth is... IN there... in Street View!

Position in Google Maps



Source: www.PilladasStreetView


  1. retards her shirt in hot pink the sun makes it look half of her is reflecting off window its a pink shirt not red..and she has a shadow dumasssessss mannn hahahahaha