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Friday, May 1, 2009

Man shows everything to Google Street View, and I mean everything

This site's address is, and hacks like this one write history books. Well,ok, maybe not history books, but this one sure will leave an impression.

This dude was caught hands at work. If anyone has seen anything in Street View more goofy than this hack, please raise your hand!.

We thought that the woman urinating in the street or the maneuvers in a lonely car couldn't be top, but all in all, we hardly could see a half a white round moon in the first and use a bit of imagination in the second.

But this guy, oh my!, this guy is showing all he has. We could measure his morning glory, tall tommy, peter the great, hard-on boner, love torpedo, cock, soldier of love, sword, dick, beef bazooka, telephone pole, penis, johnson, hot dog, weenie, stick, long thing, twig, jack, cigarette, or whatever you wan to call it. We can even see the yellow stream. What a good colour! He looks healthy, doesn't he?

See here a link to this post:

If you want to send this link, do it fast. Google will likely take away this picture now it is spreading all around the blog ecosystem. Let's see who is the first to see a blank screen above. If you see it, leave comment with date and time so we know how long it took. For the urinating woman it took only 12 hours. Ok, ready, in your marks, go!

This hack is completely original from this blog and its version in Spanish at It was offered by a kind visitor of that blog at this post. And it was not the first one. If you have hacks like these to offer, you can send them to:

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  1. 6:21 pm Saturday August 29, 2009 has no one commented that yet?

  2. yea blank. So how does this work? Do they actually drive around and something on their cars take pics? that would take forever you would think. This is funny stuff here

  3. Uhh, I still see the picture. It's Dec 12, 09 at 4P.M. It's a white dude in a white tee and khakis taking a leak against a.... garbage bin? It must be, being that close to the street, either that or the cameras on the street view car have wicked wide lenses. I would have loved to seen the expression on his face, he knows he was busted, wonder if he knows a photo was taken as well?

  4. Edit, Dec 10th... don't know how I managed that clueless mistake. lol

  5. Con Artist Am, Google have a fleet of cars with 360-degree cameras mounted on poles on the top. They send cars regularly to update the images which are then joined together.