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Saturday, April 4, 2009

Shotting... in Chicago

It looks like there are some neighbourghoods in Chicago not very healthy to walk around. We already saw how drug was sold in Chicago, but here things get way more serious.

As you can clearly see there are guns involved, and not worn in the pocket. Worst is that age of involved parties does not seem to be very high, specially the pointed at boy.

In case you had any doubt, look at this zoom, and eliminate it. Yes, no doubt. It IS a gun...

These specific pictures have already been retired from Street View but you can still see pictures before and after, with groups of people looking. The best is on guy in a picture after taking his trash out, who find all the party as he goes out his home.


360º picture in Google Street View

Position in Google Maps



  1. the section has been axed in GM/GE SV...

  2. and let's hope the Chicago PD gets the guy!!! shouldn;t be too hard with this evidence... did you email it to the CPD???

  3. Well, some people in the internet say it was a toy gun... who knows?