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Friday, January 23, 2009

See what I do with my Cleveland

Apart from potential privacy issues associated to the Google Car, we could also consider the *security* issues. As an example, let's see whath happens when I kid with a bike intends to do an exhition for Google and its users.

"Hey! That's the Google Car. I'll shock them! This has te be really great so all my friends wills see me in Google Maps"

360º picture en Google Street View

"¡Here I will j... ¡Sheet! the bike is ouf ot control. damn it!"

"¡I'm coming! ¡I'm coming! ¡I'm coming! Jeronimooooo!!"

"¡Auch, ay, ouf! ¡Gosh, what a crash! ¿will I be in the pictures? Bullies are goig to make all the fun of me at the recess"

No matter how much navigate through the arrows you will not get to these picture in Google Maps. THey already were removed and the street has misteriously dissapeared in Google Street View, before Google took away the pictures.

Position in Google Maps



  1. 56 Carrer de la Mare de Déu de Port, Barcelona, CT, España ---> put this and look into the car that is alone, put the zoom into the window and you can see a woman sucking a dick, it had bad quality but you can see